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Gabriela Terra


2021 – “Emília”, series, RTP1



2021 – “KM 224” de António-Pedro Vasconcelos

2021 – “Song of Evil” directed by Gabriel Abrantes

2021 – “Adélia”, short film directed by Jerónimo Pereira

2021 – “Ana”, short film directed by Marisa Cerqueira and Rita Santos

2020 - "Tartare" directed by Carolina do Lago

2020 – “Martha Marcy May Marlene” directed by Polina Yamshchikov, University of Southern California (USC) Grad

2019 – “Shared Bathroom” directed by Corina Marie Howell

2019 – “White Lamb” directed by Yutong Liu, University of Southern California (USC) Grad

2019 – “Fine Particulate Matter” directed by Irene Mercadal, New York University (NYU) Tisch Grad

2018 – “Fish Knows Not of Water” directed by Ricardo Varona, Columbia University

2018 – “Dollhouse” directed by Isabel Faintych

2018 – “That’s a Wrap” directed by Luke Masella

2017 – “PLASTIC” directed by Rachel Berman

2017 – “A Pregnancy” directed by Caroline Wang

2017 – “A Story of You” directed by Marlene Cruz

2016 – “Divided We Stand” directed by Mallika Juneja



2017 – “12 Angry Women” (Off-Off-Broadway), directed by Bobby Temple, AlphaNYC Theater (NY) 

2007 – 2014 – Eight Theater performances directed by Marta Osieka for CAISL, including “And Then There Were None” and “The Man Who Came to Dinner” 



2020 – Workshop “Technique Clinic” with Lesly Kahn, Los Angeles 

2020 – Workshop “Improv 101” | Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB), Los Angeles 

2019 – Workshop “First Call Intensive” with Toby Lawless, Los Angeles 

2019 – Workshop “Comedy Intensive” with Lesly Kahn, Los Angeles 

2019 – Workshop “Para tudo. Desmonta. Recomeça” with Beatriz Batarda, ACT, Lisboa 

2015 - 2019 - Degree "Film / Production and Psychology", New York University

2018 – Acting Workshop “Sense Memory” with Sam Schacht, Stella Adler Studio (NY)

2018 – Workshop “Vocal Production” with Page Clements, na T. Schreiber Studio (NY)

2017 – Workshop “Acting II” with Michael Beckett, HB Studio (NY)

2017 – Workshop “Scene Study” with John Korkes, Stella Adler Studio (NY)

2016 – Workshop “Technique Lab” with Jordan Lage, Atlantic Studio (NY)

2015 – Workshop “Acting I” with Michael Beckett, HB Studio (NY)

2003-2015 – IB and American High School, Carlucci American Intl. School of Lisbon 



Languages: Portuguese, Brasilian and English (fluent); French and Spanish (medium)

Sports: Swimming, Pilates and Bicycle

Gabriela Terra
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Gabriela Terra
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