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Francisca Neves


2022 – “A Síbila”  directed by Eduardo Brito
2022 - “The Worst Man in London” directed by  Rodrigo Areias
2021 – “Midnight Glow” directed by  Pedro Harnoury

2021 – “Dias de Cama” directed by Tatiana Ramos

2021 –  “A tela” directed by Catarina Mendes 

2021 – “Dispersão” directed by Pauline Cruz 

2021 – “O filme” directed by Bruno Reis

2020 – “Purple Wind” directed by Francisca Neves

2020 – “Part de moi” directed by Francisca Neves

2019 – “Rumo” directed by Nikita Kulpinau

2019 –  “Cortez” short directed by Mariana Carvalho

2018 - “Pop Art” short directed by Gonçalo Bastos



2022 - “Uma Peça em 5 Betties” directed by Mafalda Borges
2022 - Laboratório para Triologia "C" with Beatriz Batarda

2020 – “Little B” directed by Carlos Costa, Ana Vitorino, Mário Moutinho and Sara Barros Leitão

2019 – “The Wave Treatment” directed by Claudia Castellucci and Alessandro Bedosti

2019 – “La construction d’un demon” directed by Sílvia Costa and John Romão, Citemor Festival

2019 – “Damn the man who trusts the man” directed by Susana Vidal, Teatro da Trindade

2015 - “Between looking the past and seeing the future” directed by Luís Moreira e Mafalda Lencastre, Teatro Vilarinha



2022 – Workshop “Fraternité, contre fantastique!” with Caroline Guiela Nguyen and Pierric Plathier.
2021 - Masterclass with Timothy Morton
2021 – Workshop “What do we talk when we talk about weirdness? Bodies that matter. Gender, sex, sexualities.” with Ana Luísa Amaral
2021 – Workshop with Nancy Bishop, Jo Monteiro and Caprice Crwaford
2021 - Masterclass "Cinema" with  Ira Sachs.
2021 – Workshop “World Models” with Fréderique Ait-Touati and Patrick Laffont-Delojo
2021 – Workshop with Éve-Marie Dalcourt
2021 – Writign Workshop with Sara Carinhas
2020 – Workshop “Writing for Cinema” with Pedro Mexia
2020 – Masterclass with Sarah Teper
2019 – Dance Seminar  “The wave treatment” with Claudia Castellucci (Italy)
2019 – Drama Lab with Tiago Guedes
2019 – Workshop with Mathilde Monnier
2019 – Workshop “Voice and Movement for Actors” with Cathleen McCarron and Ayse Tashkiran, at TNDMII
2019 – Workshop “STOP.
DISASSEMBLE. RESTART.” with Beatriz Batarda, ACT
2016/19 – Degree “Theatre – Actors Department”, Escola de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa
2019 – Master Class with Tom Todoroff, ACT
2018 – Workshop’s “Voice and Text” with Cathleen Mccarron, TNDMII
2016 – Dance Workshop with Francesca Jaynes and Dale Mercer ("Alice Through the Looking Glass"
2015 – Tranning Ground no FEST (Cinema Festival)
2014/15 – Open Theatre Course, ESMAE
2009/11 – Theatre Course, BALLETEATRO



Languages: Portuguese (native), English (fluent), Spanish (bacis) French (basic).

Dance: Contemporary, Rhythmic and Pop

Sports: Swimming, Cycling, Horse Riding and Skating

Musical Instruments: Singing

Francisca Neves
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